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The SaveOne staff is available for speaking engagements such as Pregnancy Resource Center banquets, church congregations, women’s ministries, pastors functions, etc.

Sheila Harper


(615) 347-8800

At four years of age, my mother and I were in a tragic car accident. I was thrown through the windshield, she was killed instantly. Throughout my childhood years after this event, I endured sexual abuse, then a psychotic stepmother came in to the picture who hated me and made sure I knew it. At eleven years of age I was sent to live with my aunt and uncle and although my uncle was an alcoholic, those were the happiest, most endearing years of my young life. My uncle wasn’t your typical alcoholic, but rather a charisma-filled, eccentric charmer who was always the life of the party. Or at least that’s how I remember him. He and my aunt made life fun again. It was during my aunt/uncle years I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. I was only twelve, but I knew exactly what I was doing.

Throughout my teen years I lived for the Lord and made it all the way through high school a “good girl”. It was only after I started college I made decisions that I knew weren’t good for me, but at the time I wanted to have some fun. So I packed God up in a neat little box and put Him on a shelf. With me at the reins of my life, it didn’t take long to steer right off a cliff. Within the year, I was in a relationship I had no business being in, and six months after that I was pregnant.

Everything in me said abortion was wrong, but I charged forward with really bad advice, from even worse friends, and I went through with it anyway. March 29, 1985 was the day of my most regrettable mistake. I was nineteen years old and making decisions of life and death that I had no business making. My boyfriend broke up with me shortly after and I really don’t blame him. He begged me not to have the abortion and I selfishly did anyway. Don’t ever let anyone tell you this is just a woman’s issue. Men suffer from the aftermath of this choice as well.

For seven years after this date my life quickly became a mess. I started drinking, then consuming vast amounts of drugs, spending all my money to go to concerts and get backstage, signing up for credit cards and maxing them out, suffered through a rape, and going through relationships like water, not committing to anything or anybody. After an attempted suicide and being consumed with death, I cleaned myself up enough to get married.

My husband is the real hero in all of this. He loved me even as messed up as I was and lived with the drama of my life for years. We had two sons right away. My first son I have always felt like was a gift from God to wake me up. That pregnancy got my attention and made me realize my life was worth living, if not for myself, then for this precious creature that had been entrusted to me. My second son was indeed born on March 29th, the very day I had taken a life, God gave me another gift straight from Him. God speaks often, heals much, and redirects life’s circumstances, through children and pregnancies all the time. My husband and I have just celebrated twenty-fiveyears ofmarriage. To have spent the last quarter century with this man, enjoying life, making memories, raising two awesomely incredible boys, and growing up together I can truly say I’m completely blessed.

Not long in to our marriage I heard about a class that was being offered for women who had experienced abortion and were having trouble afterward. I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy to find an outlet for these emotions and pain that I could never fully deal with. This Bible study I attended gave me back my life. It showed me how I needed to accept Jesus forgiveness and forgive myself. It was an incredible discovery and a much needed transformation.

Experiencing God through that study, in a way I had never known, compelled me to immediately start teaching the class. I enjoyed teaching for several years. Finally in the year 2000, God started showing me the need for SaveOne-an abortion recovery ministry. Since that time, my wildest dreams have come true. I have never had more fun in my entire life than when I finally surrendered all to God. To see God take my most regrettable mistake and turn it around to help others find freedom through truth is an unexplainable event.

God has walked me through forgiving the abusers in my life, owning my bad choices and wiping my slate clean, and has made me a victor of my past circumstances and I am no longer a victim. What happened to me as a child is not what defines me, but rather strengthens who I am today. The enemy meant all that junk for nothing but destruction in my life, but God used it all for the betterment of myself, my awesome family, and to help others through the same situations.

It is my passion and purpose to go wherever, speak to whomever, and do whatever it takes to get the job done. What is the job you ask? To see abortion end in our country and around our world.

So there’s the real story…Without Grace I’m a mess, true and simple. With Grace life is awesome.


SaveOne China Director

+001 615 347 8800


My name is Q. I have been asked to share my testimony on how God has healed my hurt from abortion.

All of us have a family and we all have been hurt by our family members. Questions like “Who am I?”, “Which family do I belong to?" and "Do I have any brothers and sisters?" Most people do not need to ask because they know their parents’ names and of course even their own names and birthday's. But for me, I have come from nowhere! I always tell people that I’m a triple A person. The first A in my life is “Adoption”.

My birth parents gave me away to a single mom when I was a baby. When I was little, I asked my mother how I came to this world. She said I was popped out of a stone. One time I heard my neighbors gossiping about my birth. But my mom never told me the true story. Maybe she was afraid of losing me. Not until I was 14 after my mother died, my uncle showed me the evidence to tell me the story about my adoption. For a long long time, I was still very confused and had no sense of security in my life.

When I look back, I still see God had a plan to reveal Himself to me ever since I was a child. My mom was not a christian but she sent me to a christian kindergarten. One day I heard the story about Jesus walking on the water, so after school I ran home quickly and told my mom about this magnificent story. But my mom said, “Oh no, Don’t believe it.” At that time I was very disappointed. But later, I went to a Catholic Primary School and studied a lot about the Bible. I heard more stories about Jesus. However, I did not know how to give my life to Him. In the last year of my Primary School, I went to the school chapel and prayed to God. My first prayer in my life was to ask God to open a way for me to study high school. In those days, a lot of my friends worked in factories after they graduated from primary school. But thank God I was accepted by a christian high school. However, my mom said it was too far away, then she sent me to the Buddhist high school. But God still had a plan for my life!

When I was seventeen, I met my first boyfriend. One year later, we went to Canada to study the last year of high school. About Christmas time, I discovered that my period had stopped for a while, so I went to the doctor by myself. Finally the doctor told me I was pregnant. The second A in my life is “Abortion”. I still remember the nurse giving me a despised look as she said, “You are so stupid, you did a terrible thing!” At that time I was so afraid to show any emotions. I don’t even remember if the doctor asked for my permission for the abortion. I only remembered he asked me to tell my boyfriend to pay for the surgery.

That day I went to the hospital alone. After the abortion, I went home alone to make myself liver soup in order to restore my loss of blood. I thought if I didn’t take care of myself, nobody in the world would take care of me. At that time I was quite lonely. Life suddenly had no meaning to me. But I didn’t cry and maybe I did not know how to cry.

Not long after the abortion, my boyfriend and I broke up. He told me that he owed me too much and he could not face me anymore. From that moment, I did not believe the people surrounding me really loved me. But I was still eagerly looking for love. God has a special plan to reveal His love for me, and for you.

Soon after this time I decided to apply to American colleges. One day I saw an advertisement from a Chinese church in the U.S. saying if you ever come to America, let us know if you need help. So I wrote them a letter telling them that I need help. Where does my help come from? When I look back, I know my help came from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. The moment I stepped into that church in the U.S., I told God, “If you’re real, let me feel your love!” The more I talked to God, the more joy and peace came within me. One Sunday the pastor asked, "If anyone wants to receive Jesus in your life, raise your hand." So I raised my hand without any questions. Immediately, tears burst into my eyes. I realized my life does not come from nowhere. My life comes from my Lord. I am the child of the Heavenly Father. He is my Father and also my Mother. Before I always relied on myself for everything, but since that day I learned to rely on God. So the third A in my life is “Acceptance” by Jesus.

Two years after I became a Christian, I met my husband. He loves me very much and we have the same vision to serve God for our whole lives. But I didn’t tell him about my abortion. Four months before our wedding, I said to him, “Well, I need to tell you something about my past. But you need to prepare your heart for three days.” He then waited for three days and I was praying all day long. Finally I told him my abortion story, and then he said, “I feel very painful but I think I would accept you.” After we got married, he never asked about my past again. My husband's total acceptance helps me to experience God's unconditional love.

Just one week before our wedding, I had a nightmare. I saw a baby’s little finger was being absorbed somewhere into the air. I was very scared. Immediately I thought of my aborted child. God knows my pain. He did not create me to hold on to all that hurt. He prepared the healing journey for me. Soon I joined the prayer team at the church. A group of brothers and sisters gathered around and prayed for me for 6 weeks. I was weeping and yelling the whole time under the strong presence of God. From the moment I was abandoned by my parents and all the way to the time of my abortion, I knew deep in my heart I was asking God, "Lord, where were You when I was in pain? God heard my cry and I felt like He was stretching his mighty arms from heaven and took away all my self pity, my shame, my disappointment, my hurt, and my anger. He then turned my tears into joy.

At the same time, God has increased my yearning for Him tremendously. I enjoy talking to Him day and night. Since then I have a habit of asking Him questions about everything. We discuss everything like close friends. Most importantly, I’ll always remember His love and healing power when I encounter any difficult times in my life again.

Today my husband and I have been serving God for more than 16 years. Chinese people call their country mother. In China, mother is a symbol of suffering. China has suffered for a long, long time in history, but God never forsook her.

We were given the opportunity to translate the book "SaveOne" into Chinese. We thought about the cover design. In my prayer the Lord showed me a picture of a woman walking toward a cliff. Her face looked totally hopeless. When I looked out from the cliff, I saw the waterfalls are all over. Then the Lord told me, those are not just water…they are the tears of Chinese women. They are not one or two women’s tears; but tears of thousands and millions of Chinese women who have aborted their children for centuries. In the waterfall, I saw some smooth and shiny rocks there. It’s like our God has turned our life from darkness into His glory. In Isaiah 43:25, the Lord said, “I am the one who wipes away all your sins. I do this to please myself. I will not remember your sins.” Behind the rocks I saw some newly green trees. A tree is a symbol of life in the Bible. So it also means our new life in Christ. No matter what our lives have gone through, we can still bear fruit when we are in Christ.

Finally, I thank God everyday for the blessings He has given me, and I look forward to the ways He will use me wherever I am. I hope that my testimony is an encouragement and a blessing to you. Thank you! Glory to our Lord Jesus!

Tracy Barreiro

Chapter Coordinator

(615) 347-8800

We were going to be empty nesters in about six months, and I was wondering if my husband and I could stay together. At the time I was married for almost 24 years and completely disconnected from my husband emotionally. At times, I thought if I just go to sleep and not wake up I would be free from the pain. As a Christian I knew God had something better for me. I just didn’t know what was wrong with me or why I felt so lonely.

My husband and I had been in leadership for years in the church but there was something that was not quite right. I started crying out to God to fix my marriage and to tell me why I abused food on and off for my entire adult life. Within just a few weeks of this prayer, my friend Sheila posted about SaveOne on facebook. I started reading stories, watching videos, and seeing the freedom women and men received due to the SaveOne ministry. I cried for days and realized what it was that had made me sad for so many years. I never dealt with an abortion my husband and I had after we were married for only a year. There is no excuse for our decision but we were so overwhelmed at the time with a sick baby, lots of medical bills, and no money. We felt like we had no choice at the time and we were away from God.

After the abortion it was like my life stopped and I was never able to grieve the loss. It was the catalyst the enemy used to try to destroy my family.

I immediately contacted Sheila and started the bible study through SaveOne. Chapter by chapter I was able to work through everything that had happened to me. A lot of my behavior as an adult and as a parent was due to the hurt and pain I lived with by not dealing with the loss. When I opened the door of sin through abortion, I opened other doors to sin. I operated out of fear and anxiety most of my adult life. Everything made sense now! It was like chains started breaking off of me! I knew God had forgiven me for the abortion, but I was able to process all the sorrow and pain I felt through this study. I was also able to let all the anger toward my husband and realize it was not his fault.

I am here to tell you time does not heal wounds, Jesus does! Through God’s word and Sheila’s study, I am healed today and my marriage is on its way to total healing. My relationships are stronger than ever with my family because I am healed. I am so excited about the next half of my life and what God is going to do with it!

Judy Ellis

Chapter Coordinator

(615) 347-8800

As a single mom, shame and guilt were heavy on my heart when I found out I was pregnant again at age 22. I had already disappointed my parents once by getting pregnant at age 18 and marrying the father against their wishes. When I discovered I was pregnant again I had no idea who the father was, and I felt I couldn’t face telling my parents what I had done. In my mind I needed to terminate this pregnancy praying my parents would never find out and everything would go back to “normal.”

A number of years later I started my journey of guilt, fear, secrecy, sorrow, and isolation as I tried to control the pain. I was married to a wonderful man whom I shared my secret with but told no one else. Eventually I cut myself off from my feelings and never identified the source of my guilt and pain. To anesthetize the pain I became a workaholic even spending many years working two jobs.

My husband and I started attending Highland Park Community Church and even started helping in various ministries through the church. Although I was in ministry helping others I still felt this emptiness. I also felt like there was something more I could do to earn my salvation. Because I was a workaholic in my career I tried to impose that on my spiritual life too.

When Celebrate Recovery came along I volunteered to help with the information table for this ministry. Much to my surprise God was leading me down a healing path of my own. At CR my christian brothers and sisters began to share their testimonies and the difference that God was making in their lives. Every time someone shared that they had an abortion that old hurt kept coming back. I had no idea that my wound could be healed and that God was preparing me to deal with a choice I had made years ago. Through CR I was able to expose my shameful past, by taking a bible study designed for post abortive individuals like me. This was a journey that helped me heal from years of a wounded and broken heart that I never realized existed. Through this bible study I was able to seek forgiveness, forgive myself, and finally start forgiving others. 1 John 1:9 states “If we confess our sins He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness."

During this bible study I got on my hands and knees and surrendered myself to God, seeking his forgiveness. I felt this heaviness being lifted from my heart and I knew I was forgiven.

Since my own recovery God has led me to give back by facilitating the SaveOne abortion recovery Bible study where I have been able to help lead men and women on their journey of healing and freedom. My co – facilitator and I have witnessed and felt the pain, fear, blame, hurt and self-deprecation on the faces of the participants and have watched their pain turn from grief and sorrow to freedom, courage, peace, joy, love and a special bonding for their children. We have also witnessed marriages being restored during two couple’s classes.

Each time I facilitate I find more healing for my own journey. I wouldn’t be able to experience this without SaveOne and the support I have received from my regional coordinator and Sheila Harper.

Becky Gould

Chapter Coordinator

(615) 347-8800

I have had a very blessed life working in my little family of five. I homeschooled my three children and working in my home was my dream come true. But I always felt God had another special work for me to do. Even though I have not had an abortion, I have always had a compassion for those who have. I have always had a passion for seeing abortion end. I love life. I always wondered what I could do to make a difference. Then one day God brought a wonderful couple into my life.

I first met Jack and Sheila Harper at a work day at our church. Their church was partnering with our church. As we talked, SaveOne came up. I thought it sounded like a wonderful ministry, but to my shame I did not look into it at that time. Life was busy, and I just didn't feel I could take on another ministry at that time. It took a couple of years for me to realize I had been missing a tremendous opportunity. I began to feel a stirring, then a fire burn in my heart. I knew I had to do something.One day I woke up and knew I HAD to start a SaveOne class. It was not an option. So, I called Sheila and arranged a training session. I bought the training materials and the book. As I watched the training video, tears streamed down my face at the love and compassion I felt. God was working in my heart and I felt a fulfillment that I had never felt before. Ministry has always been important to me, but this was different from anything I have ever done. I wanted to do more.

I sat out to hold my first class. I picked the date. We promoted the class. We bought the books to have on hand. I prepared a room at our church. I was so excited. The day arrived. No one showed up. Strangely enough I was not disappointed. I knew in my heart that God was preparing the hearts of the ones that needed this opportunity. We decided since the holidays were coming up we would postpone. The new year came along and so did my first student! I was blown away. Not only did God change her life dramatically, He changed mine.

God showed me so many personal things in my life that needed dealing with through the SaveOne study. So, even though I was not dealing with the after affects of abortion, God used the study to deal with the after affects of other things that had deeply wounded me in my past. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have SaveOne in my life. I truly want to help men and women to find healing, forgiveness, and peace in their lives through Jesus Christ. I look forward to working with SaveOne in the days of ahead.

Kristy Hall

International Liaison/Chapter Coordinator

(615) 347-8800

When my husband told me he needed to attend a SaveOne class my first response was confusion. He had not mentioned this part of his past to me before and obviously I was taken aback by what he was telling me. I made the decision to go with him to protect him from any women who would have anger and bitterness towards men. Sheila was so excited that I was there, and the things we discovered in those weeks were just as much for me as they were for Timothy. When I walked into that room and saw other women in the church who I had relationship with and my stereotypes were proven wrong; my “churchi-ness” had to go. I needed to learn how to love unconditionally, to be non-judgmental, and to be a grace giver.

In October of 2004 I miscarried my second baby. The grief was terrible and I didn’t feel like I had anyone to go to. I felt trapped, angry and alone. Was it my fault? How can Timothy love me after losing his baby? Maybe I’m the mistake. Over the next couple of years people brought other women to me to minister to after miscarriage and all I could do was refer them to SaveOne. I hadn’t been allowed to get through my own grief yet. One day the thought came that I could also do the SaveOne course as a student. I wondered what the other ladies would think of me, but they welcomed me with open arms!

I was supposed to be a facilitator in the class, but I was learning so much from my fellow students. They validated me and what happened. There is often a misconception that the amount of grief a woman feels for her miscarried child is equivalent to the time she carried the child. Satan had been using that misconception to hold me back. Together, the other ladies and I walked into freedom and wholeness. There was still so much to deal with afterwards, but one by one I was able to see each lie Satan had been telling me and get past it to the truth. Without SaveOne I wouldn’t have had the keys to be able to open the door to a new life.

Timothy Hall

International Liaison/Chapter Coordinator

(615) 347-8800

“I don’t love you enough to have your children.” That was the only explanation I received from my girlfriend, who would have been the mother of my child. In a ten minute conversation on the phone, I heard from the woman, I thought I was going to marry, that I had been a father for two or three months. I had no idea that she was pregnant. For several months, I was depressed. I did not want to attend my university classes, I didn’t eat, and I started a four year addiction to pornography. I didn’t stop going to church and believing in God during this time. I felt like a hypocrite, and that made the feelings that much worse. During those years of pain, guilt, and shame, it never occurred to me that maybe it was because I needed an inner healing. I thought I was “over it”.

When I was twenty-six years old, six years after this mistake, I heard about SaveOne. They made an announcement for the start of the new class and it was open for men who had this in their past. Immediately I knew I should go. I thought I was healed and had moved on only to find out there was still hurt and grief for the child who was taken from me.

I was the only man in the class; the first for SaveOne. I was newly married and my wife took a brave step and attended the class with me. She was determined to protect me from the other women if necessary. Kristy has never had an abortion, but it turned out that this class was as much for her as it was for me. I discovered healing; she discovered wrong thinking that needed correction. So often, women who have made the choice of abortion are looked down upon. This is just as wrong as the act itself.

In 2004, a new job took us to Slovenia, in south eastern Europe. God quickly showed us the need for SaveOne there and he brought the right people in our path to translate the material. We had several successful classes. While living in Europe we met Sonja Horswell who has a pro life ministry in Vienna, Austria. We partnered together to translate the material into German language and SaveOne Europe was born. We strongly believe that SaveOne is one of the tools our almighty Father is going to use to restore the beauty of womanhood around the world. Wherever God leads us, we will spread our testimony.

Sonja and Chris Horswell

SaveOne Europe Directors

0043 660 144 5076

In 2017 “SaveOne Europe” became a separate donation based organization here in Vienna having outgrown its original home within the “Österreichische Lebensbewegung”. Sonja & Chris Horswell lead this ministry as Directors, working closely together with Sheila Harper and SaveOne in the USA.
We believe that SaveOne is a mighty tool in our hands to bring restoration and healing through Jesus Christ to men and women in Austria and Europe and that God will use it to eventually turn the tide of abortions in our country and others…..
Sonja–for the past 15 years I was leading the association “Österreichische Lebensbewegung” in Vienna as the General Manager. There we counseled many women and couples during their unplanned or crisis pregnancies and to establish with them alternatives to abortion.
In 2008 I was asking myself the question, how women and men in Austria can receive long lasting restoration after an abortion. I was led to a website in Slovenia where I found the book "SaveOne". We then trained for this ministry, translated the workbook into German and began to hold small group courses in Vienna for men and women to be restored. We ran this as an extension to the pregnancy counseling.
In 2010 Sheila Harper commissioned me to build up and coordinate the work of SaveOne in Europe and as a result “SaveOne Europe” was formed. As you have read, this work is continuing to be blessed and country by country across Europe people are being set free, healed, and restored from the consequences of abortion.
Chris – I started the work here with men and couples. I run the courses for men and together with Sonja those for couples and siblings. Together we travel to the other centers delivering SaveOne courses throughout Europe to teach, encourage and guide them. Our heart is to make SaveOne available in every country across Europe and within reach of all who are in need of it. To this end we go to establish and present SaveOne wherever we can and Bosnia-Herzegovina and Poland are coming up in 2017. If there is no center near you then we will be very happy to hear from you and to see how one can be established.

Rachel Joseph

Chapter Coordinator

(615) 347-8800

At age nineteen I found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend of almost two years wasn’t ready to commit to me or be a full time dad, which was a huge shock. Overwhelmed we made the decision to have an abortion. The easy way out, at least from the stand point of not being accountable for our actions/sin. This choice was the most destructive choice I would ever make and ended up hurting people I loved.

I was raised in a Christian home my entire life and I never would have thought I would even consider abortion, but I was out of church at the time living my life how I wanted to. I convinced myself that once the abortion was over I would be able to put this traumatic experience behind me. During the abortion I felt such a heaviness and guilt come over me.

The depression and hatred for myself was unbearable, especially after both Grandmothers found out about the abortion. Leading up to this point I thought the only person I had hurt was myself, but this decision broke their hearts. They were suffering the loss of a grandchild they were never given the opportunity to meet.

The first year I used drugs and alcohol to try to numb myself. My mom reached out to me and even gave me a book by a christen author about abortion recovery and forgiveness. I knew even before she gave me the book I wanted God’s forgiveness, grace and mercy in my life and had already asked for it. I knew God forgave me. But I still had this voice telling me I didn’t deserve God’s forgiveness, but only his judgment for my actions. I continued to struggle with this for over decade. During this time I married my wonderful husband and had four beautiful healthy children. I had all these wonderful blessings that God had given me, but felt undeserving.

My family was in Church during this time and I had heard about SaveOne, but never anyone’s testimony. Than in my mid 30’s, pregnant with our 5th child, our Church had a woman’s retreat I went to. For the first time I heard the testimony of a lady from Save One. Because of this testimony I was able to talk with her about the bondage I was still under, even though I knew God had forgiven me a long time ago for my choice. We prayed together and after that night anytime I would have these feelings or thoughts I would rebuke them. I knew they were not of God and I would read scripture about God’s grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love he has for me. This was a huge step for me and for the first time after we had our 5th child I wasn’t faced with all the guilt I had experienced with our other children.

I ended up going through a SaveOne class about a year later, since I still felt like I had some healing that needed to occur before I would be able to share my testimony with other women. I wanted to be able to share my testimony in hopes that just one person would change their mind about having an abortion and to also help other women suffering from making the same decision I had made. I can’t tell you what a difference it made memorizing and going over the scripture covered in the Save One book in addition to sharing my experience and feelings with other women that had been through the same thing. I had never talked about the abortion in any detail with anyone and still tried to put the images and thoughts of my unborn child out of my mind because of the pain they caused. Going through SaveOne allowed me to be free from the bondage I was putting on myself and allowed me to feel deserving of grieving the loss of my child who I miss and love very much.

Terri Nordone

Chapter Coordinator

(615) 347-8800

At age 24, I met my husband, Rocky. I was very happily married, had a beautiful home, had everything I needed for a comfortable and happy life. Yet, on several occasions, I thought, "Is this it? Is this all there is to life? "I've got to be missing something". I felt such an hole in my heart, an ache in my soul because we didn't have children. I have two wonderful stepchildren that I love deeply; however, I continued to feel that sense of loss for the children that "might have been". I continued to grieve for something that was never mine. I couldn't watch a television commercial with a baby in it without crying. When I was around family or friends with babies, I'd fight to keep my emotions under control. I would be in deep depression for weeks after attending my friends baby showers. I would never allow myself to hold a baby and I would actually distance myself from them because it brought so much pain and longing. I actually believed that the losses I had experienced years before, when my fiancee' was killed in an car accident one week before our wedding and my not being blessed with children now, were punishment from God for past sins. And I believed I deserved every bit of it. You see, in 1972, when I was in 10th grade, I had gotten pregnant and had an abortion. At the time, it seemed to my parents like the only way out of an unexpected and embarassing situation. As a 15 year old I had no say in the matter and probably wouldn't have chosen anything different. Ever since that day I spent a lifetime hiding my secret and burying the pain, guilt and shame.

In March of 1998, a tragic event took place that would change my life forever. My husband's friend lost his life in a horrible accident. Little did I know how God would work through this tragedy. At that memorial service every song that was sung, every word that was spoken ministered to me deeply. I began to learn of God's love and forgiveness that day. The words that were spoken were direct from God and anyone who had the window of their heart cracked open just a little bit could claim that message of salvation as their own. I did! As we drove out of the parking lot that day I said to Rocky, "That's it, I'm coming back here on Sunday", he said, "So am I".

I began to turn from agnosticism that day and began to learn what a life under the grace umbrella of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ means. All of the Bible verses were new to me; “God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, those who are called according to His purpose”. Romans 8:28. What I had done all those years before can be turned to good? Really? He is the “God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction so that we will be able to comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God." 1 Corinthians 1:3-4. God can use my suffering to help others through theirs? Really? I also learned in Luke 12:28 that “from everyone who has been given much, much will be required”. Well, I had received much forgiveness and I was starting to understand ~ much would be required of me. And I would gladly give it.

It is so amazing to see how drastically my life changed in one year. God had peeled back the top layers of pain and healed me in many ways, however in doing that, He exposed the deep root of pain caused by my abortion decades before and it needed to be dealt with if He was going to use me in service the way in which He intended.

Over the next 4 years the Lord walked me down an incredible path of restoration and healing from a lifetime of pain, shame and guilt from the horrible sin of abortion and from the grief I was harboring over many losses in my life. I knew that God was going to use me in some way to help other women who were suffering the way I had been. God trusted me to follow Him because I told Him I would, and I trusted God to equip me for whatever He had in store because He told me He would. Our amazing, Gracious, Merciful Father brought me to this point for such a time as this.

In December of 2005 I purchased a book called SaveOne. It followed the exact path of healing and restoration that the Lord Himself had lead me on over the previous years. I knew the time had come ( for such a time as this) and I knew, without a shadow of doubt, that this was the vehicle to use.

I started the SaveOne ministry at my church in September 2006. We have since offered 3 SaveOne classes each year and have seen many, many women healed and set free from a lifetime of suffering in silence. Many of our women are now empowered and equipped to tell their story to help save one woman from living a life of guilt and shame.

Cookie Ray

Online Studies/Spanish Liaison

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I was 16 when I had my daughter and 19 when my son was born. My son was 4 months old when I found out I was pregnant again and I knew that I never wanted to have another child with my children’s father who was very physically abusive. I decided to have an abortion, which sent me into into a life of destruction. A good friend took me to the abortion clinic where they said once the abortion was over that would be the end, but little did I know that it would really be the beginning of all my problems.

I moved to Tennessee in 1989 to get away from everything and everyone and start a new life. In 1990 I met a wonderful man but still had constant struggles. In 1992 we married and soon after I lost a child through miscarriage. I believed that I was being punished for having an abortion. Another lie that Satan had filled my head with.

After years of drug abuse, alcoholism and, a major depression the Lord lead my husband and me to a new church. After several months of attending our new church I heard of an abortion recovery class that was starting. I hesitated but joined the class the second week. I was as empty as empty could be. I had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was on multiple medications and knew I needed help. My second week in class Sheila Harper asked me to share and I broke down. I remember sharing my story for the first time and feeling the weight of the world just lift off my shoulders.

I found Sheila Harper and the SaveOne class and my life has not been the same. I was able to tell my story for the first time and allow God to mend my heart. In 1999 God decided to perform a miracle in my life after years of suffering in silence. My children had also been suffering all those years. I could really not love them because I could not love myself. There were times when I could not even hug my own children, I would literally push them away when they wanted a hug. I felt horrible but how wonderful it was to get past that through the SaveOne class and hug and love on my children.

After several weeks in the class I began to let go and let God and my children and husband could tell a big difference in me. I can truly say that God has set me free and I am able to share the Love of Jesus and his healing power. I realize now that Satan had me fooled but God has won that fight and I will always tell people of what God did for me and continues to do for me.

Cookie Ray

Lisa Swick

Chapter Coordinator

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From a young child, I have always known that God had His hand on my life. Even down the dark roads I have traveled through the years, corners I have turned, choices I have made. I married my first husband in 1983, and from that union, my daughter was born in 1984. Throughout this five year relationship, I believed I had married into evil itself, as my husband was extremely abusive, both physically and emotionally.

After three different stays at the Family Abuse Center in Dallas, Tx over a period of three years, I finally gained the courage I needed to leave and separate from my husband. During this separation, my husband managed to intimidate and threaten his way into our home several times. During one of these times, I became pregnant once again. Struggling to make ends meet on my own, completely paralyzed at the thought of my husband finding out that I was pregnant again and forcing me to return to a life of severe abuse, feeling that I was all alone–I made the choice to end my pregnancy. I carried the guilt and shame of that decision for 16 years–and often felt that God would not be able to forgive me–that I had committed the the unforgivable. But God was not finished with me yet!!

In 2000, the Holy Spirit moved on me in such a powerful way while praying for forgiveness–and I knew at that moment–that I had been completely forgiven for the choice I had made. Mercy, grace, love, forgiveness, they were always there, all I had to do was ask. Now I pray that I will be able to help others truly know and understand that forgiveness is real and FINAL!

My husband and I met Pastor Jack and Sheila Harper as visitors to their church in 2012. At that time, Sheila had shared with the church what her ministry goals were and the purpose of SaveOne. After hearing her testimony, coupled with my own healing surrounding my abortion, I felt led to take the course and become involved in serving this ministry. It has been 28 years since I made the decision to end my pregnancy, and 14 years that I knew God has forgiven. However, taking this course opened my heart for some final "housekeeping" that I had not addressed over the years. I fully believe that the Lord has positioned this ministry for such a time as this.

Sarah Vaughn

Communications and Social Media Coordinator

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"I first volunteered with SaveOne back in 2011. I was looking to serve somewhere and a friend suggested that I contact Sheila. Looking back, I am so glad I did. God led me here to help the mission of SaveOne, and in the process I learned how much of a difference one life can make. It only takes one person to speak up for a change to occur. Thank God Mrs. Sheila was that voice for SaveOne!

SaveOne paves the way for this world to hear God’s message of compassion, redemption, hope, and healing and that is why I continue to serve this organization. SaveOne is a powerful voice declaring the truth about abortion. God has given me a heart that desires to see His truth spoken over others pain and shame. I long to let others know that God’s love is greater than any of your pain. God has a plan for you and it is for a hope and a future. "

Patti Williamson

Chapter Coordinator

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I was raised in a family that attended church every Sunday and grew up being involved in Sunday school and youth groups. I had accepted Christ as my Savior as a young girl, and understood right from wrong. Our home life was not healthy, my dad a career military man, was a strong, angry personality and situations in our home often were violent. By the time I was graduating from HS I was not living my life for the Lord, dating a guy who was not a believer and at 18 became pregnant. I was so afraid my family, and church would find out, I anquished over what to do. My boyfriend insisted I have an abortion. That experience was the worst day of my life, I walked out of that clinic a completely different girl, feeling like I had a neon light on my forehead disclosing to everyone what I had done. That was the first day of what would be over 20 years of a daily haunting of shame and guilt. Over those 20 years I would go through life as a wife, mother, career woman, attending church, always trying to hide the truth about myself. I was exhausted from the weight of the shame, anger, lack of trust, and the sick soul I could not fix. I took a SaveOne class 10 years ago, and the process God took me through was a miraculous transformation. I was eager to exchange my shame for his grace & mercy, and after laying down my pride, accepted Gods forgiveness. My heart shifted from constant hurt over what I had done, to the joy of knowing I would see my Gracie Joy again in heaven. I have been co-leading a SaveOne class in Salem Oregon for the past 9 consecutive years. It is a joy and honor to help other women experience Gods transforming power in their lives. I am thriving and living a life victorious! I am living out Gods plan and purpose for my life, and I am amazed at what Love He has shown me. This gal is Gratefully serving in the SaveOne ministry ALL IN!